Bookmarks Editor
Jon Phillips

We came to Amparo with the concept for Bookmarks magazine and some very primitive sketches. Understanding both our content and our strategy, Amparo breathed life into the magazine, taking the essence of our background work and transforming it into a new magazine of which we are very proud.
She created a much better design and architecture than we had ever envisioned. Our design process was very interactive, and we were able to work through several iterations to get important components just right. Where we disagreed, Amparo was able to clearly articulate her point of view. Often we came around to her way of thinking; when we did not, Amparo accepted our final decisions without complaint.
Finally, we came into this process with no previous experience in publishing. Amparo provided valuable perspective and advice far beyond that expected from an "Art Director:" her design accounted for our branding needs, future advertising possibilities, optimized ongoing workflow and production requirements, and was strategically sound throughout. Our basic business is on more solid footing today because we worked with Amparo.
Editor-in-Chief— Jon Phillips