Welcome to My Website.
                  My name is Amparo Del Rio

MY BELIEF that our surroundings have a profound effect on us, comes from the different places I have lived. I was born in Chile and lived there until age 12. Then, moved to Paris with my parents, and at age 17 came to America.


I started my Freelance Graphic Design business in 1982, specializing in magazines and books. As Creative Director, I loved to transform the look-and-feel of a new or existing magazine, and worked with Editors, Photographers, and Illustrators to produce a "unique identity". My clients included Apple, IBM, Sybex, Spanish Publishers, IDG, etc.


In 2007, I received a certificate in "Interior Architecture and Interior Design" from UC Berkeley." Now, CCIDC (California Council for Design Certification which is the standard for Interior Designers in the State of California) authorized. I specialize in house additions, remodels, kitchens, and bathrooms design."


My motto is “Design to Improve Life.” My goal is to make the world simpler and easier to understand. Whether it’s a website, magazine, logo, or house remodeling project. To me every project is unique, where I create and solve a design problem.

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