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WELCOME to AdWebArt.com, a full service Web Design development, marketing and consulting firm run by Amparo Del Rio, an award-winning Graphic Designer living in the SF Bay Area. Services include Graphic Design, Web Design, and Art Direction. SOFTWARE SKILLS include: Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Google Sites, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Video Encoding, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Adobe CS5.

My approach to Web Design is Goal-Oriented.
1. Know what you want to accomplish. 2. Know your audience—and what is important to them. 3. Put yourself in their eyes. 4. Keep it simple, LESS IS BETTER.

Amparo has freelanced for many Bay Area magazines and publishing companies, and for the hottest tech companies, including Apple, IBM and Oracle.

Delcin Consulting Group Website Something Old–Something New Consignment Click on the websites images to access it in your browser.

Every site we design is unique. We don’t use templates. We want you to stand out from your competitors with an appropriate look-and-feel and branding for your business. We also understand how search engines work and get inside the mind of a searcher, using keywords that will get your website noticed. Our design work is guaranteed to full satisfaction.

Much like painters express themselves on canvas, AdWebArt works with visual elements, typography, and words to encourage visitors to click through the site and stay, whether it’s to sign up for something, buy something, or learn something. Our intuitive navigation structures keep visitors no more than three clicks away from the information for which they are searching. We ensure that your site will be well organized and easy to read.