Welcome to My Website.
                  My name is Amparo Del Rio

MY BELIEF that our surroundings have a profound effect on us, comes from the different places I have lived. I was born in Chile and lived there until age 13. Then, moved to Paris with my parents, and at age 17 came to America.

I started my Freelance Graphic Design business in 1982, specializing in magazines and book design. As Creative Director, I loved to transform the look-and-feel of a new or existing magazine, and worked with Editors, Photographers, and Illustrators to produce a "unique identity". My clients included Apple, IBM, Sybex, Spanish Publishers, IDG, etc.

In 2007, I received a certificate in "Interior Architecture and Interior Design" from UC Berkeley Extension." Got my CCIDC certification (California Council for Design Certification which is the standard for Interior Designers in the State of California)  I specialize in house renovations, additions, kitchens, and bathroom Design."

My motto is “Design to Improve Life.” My goal is to make the world simpler and easier to understand. Whether it’s a website, magazine, logo, or house remodeling project. To me every project is unique, where I create and solve a design problem.