In describing my work, “I work primarily in my studio from sketches and photographs taken in the field. Although inspired by a particular location, my paintings are a visual transformation into a useful and inviting space, creating warmth and rich color. I’m a colorist at heart. My designs reflect a strong color palette and over-scale furnishings. But most importantly, I bring together things from the past.


I mostly like to work on mahogany panels because they are easily manipulated by wiping, sanding, pasting and drawing. I often paste paper and textures to the canvases. The process of building the image becomes as much about removing paint as putting it on. This process creates depth and movement between the layers of paint while keeping the surface of the painting relatively smooth.


“Through my paintings, I hope to convey the immense power and mysterious drama of architecture. I’m in a world of experimentation when I paint. I am happiest when I can create and improve the things around me. I’m always re-designing. There is always renovation going on in our house.”