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Your Custom Home Remodel and ADU Designer in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento

I design remodels, renovations, additions, and custom homes that make your property work for you.

When you’re building a life you love, the best place to start is your home. Your environment affects every aspect of your life, so it’s important to get it right. As your designer, I listen to your needs, see your style, and work to understand your goals.

Maybe you need a custom home designed to last for generations. Maybe you want a rental unit to bring in thousands of dollars every month or a beautiful home office that boosts your productivity. Have a special request? It’s yours.

Whatever you want for your life, give me a call. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Details matter.

There’s only one way to get them right.

Your designer should make everything crystal clear.

When you’re building a remodel or new home, there’s only one way to get exactly what you want. Sadly, many designers take shortcuts, relying on the contractor to fill in the details. But for me, details are a matter of pride. I use my experience in art and design to choose the exact finishes you’ll have in your home. I even specify every detail, like tile layouts and faucets, in the construction documents. That’s why clients and contractors love working with Amparo Del Rio.


  • Amparo designed my kitchen and bathroom. I love both rooms. I tell everyone that I could not have done it without her! She sees the best solution to any design problem immediately; it is not a process of trial and error with her. She knows all about the best materials at the best prices, and where to acquire them. She is very easy to work with, listens intently to my preferences, and honors them. She helped me communicate with the contractor in order to reach a higher level of quality in the workmanship. I highly recommend her services!”

    Elaine H.
    Kitchen and Bathroom Design
  • I contacted Amparo to do the design for an extension to my house in Palo Alto. From the very first meeting, I had a meeting-of-the-minds as she is a very patient listener who takes the information from her clients and seeks to support them in successfully completing the project. Her pricing model was very reasonable. Her design style is very practical, with a balance of elegance and project cost. She kept the schedule that she promised to me. I maintained contact with her and often sought advice from her in areas of construction other than design, and was very impressed with the support that I received from her. It is a delight to see the pride that she takes in her work for she rightly deserves it.”

    Dr. Ashok Kapoor
    Living Room Addition
  • Working with Amparo was a pleasure from start to finish. Amparo listened carefully to our needs and came up with a wonderful design. She followed through on all the aspects of permitting the project with the structural engineer and working with the contractor’s bidding process. Amparo always kept the budget in mind throughout the project, choosing the best materials and finishes with our budget. Amparo is a joy to work with on remodeling design, project management, and landscape design. I can’t say enough nice things about working with Amparo. Her ideas were so good, that we changed very little of her original design and choice of materials. We were completely happy to have Amparo on this project, and I will use her services again!

    Julie Avary
    Whole House Remodel
  • We had a wonderful experience working with Amparo. She helped us redesign two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and other misc house modifications. We also hired her to create plans for obtaining construction permits in the city of Burlingame. She had a great eye for picking out products that fit our overall remodel vision and produced accurate plans for our house. She was responsive to our feedback and patient with our deadlines, providing quick turnaround of revised plans to clear Burlingame’s comments. On top of it all, she has a fun personality and easy to get along with. We highly recommend her for any type of remodeling job you might have!”

    Leila and Brandon
    Whole House Remodel
  • Thanks so much for sticking with it through all the changes. We appreciate all your expertise. Everyone who sees it is amazed at the transformation. One friend said, “Serious Bathroom Envy”.

    Angela M.
    Master Bathroom Remodel
  • We’ve just finished the planning process with the direction & assistance of Amparo. We found her to be very knowledgeable, informative & extremely considerate of our needs and wants. Amparo was very willing to adapt & adjust as we asked and many times we actually realized why we hired here in the first place – to help, assist & direct in areas of design & materials that we were unfamiliar with. Overall, we are very happy with our experience and feel like we have definitely been in good hands with Amparo.”

    Frank M.
    Master Bathroom Remodel
  • Amparo asked what my inspiration was – I told her I wanted to feel like I was walking into my own spa. With that concept in mind, she helped me create the look and feel of my own private spa. During the project, she was hands-on from start to finish. She did all the designs, helped me pick out all the supplies and she was there during the whole construction project consulting with the GC. Whenever I needed her, she was there to answer questions and give feedback in a professional and timely fashion. I love my new bathroom and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has an interior design project.”

    Jennifer M.
    Master Bathroom Remodel

Creating Homes for Life

When I design a home, everything revolves around my motto: “design to improve life.” I believe that every aspect of a home, from the overall design to the bathroom tiles, can make a difference in its occupant’s life.