1920 Bathroom Revival

Classical Bathroom
Location:Lake Merit area, Oakland, CA
Scope:Master and kids bathroom renovation for a classic historical home in Oakland
Services:Interior Design, Construction Documents, Permits, Lighting

Back in 1920, there weren’t a lot of rules for designing bathrooms. Architects layout the bathrooms with not much detail. My goal was to keep the classic traditional look but design with modern materials to add to the space. I used different shapes of white tile and molding to add details that would honor the classic style of architecture while prioritizing craftsmanship and comfort. 

I kept both bathroom tiles white and used lighting to add some contemporary elements to the space. 

The kid’s bathroom: Refined fixtures and faucets are ideal for both the kids and the Guest bath.  The freestanding bathtub is undeniably the sweet spot in the kid’s bathroom, flooded with natural light. 


Kids bathroom